Campus Affiliate Credential Guidelines


Campus Affiliate Credential Guidelines are in place to minimize potential liability or risk to the University to ensure that certain individuals are appropriately designated as affiliates who are authorized to be on UTEP’s premises in a non-employment capacity and are provided certain limited accesses to UTEP systems and/or facilities.

Review the Campus Affiliate Credentials Guidelines for more information on the individuals that qualify, and the detailed process for requesting access.


Campus Affiliate Credential Request Form

The electronic Campus Affiliate Credential Request Form, and, depending on the affiliate type, supporting documents (such as a Criminal Background Check, valid photo ID, etc.) must be submitted for approvals when a formal employer/employee relationship does not exist between UTEP and the individual for which access is being requested.


Required Documents per Affiliate Type


Resource Documents

Campus Access Credential Guidelines

Campus Access Credential Request Form

Criminal Background Check Form


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