IAP Supporting Documents


Background Check (CBC) Information Form:

This form will be used to initiate the background check process for a candidate.

Background Check (CBC) Information Form Training Presentation


Position Request/Modification Form:

This form may be requested for departmental reorganizations, special projects, new grants or contracts, workload increases, position combinations, etc. This process will be used for positions approved through HRAC.

Position Request/Modification Form Instructions



Appointment Actions Request Form (Previously known as New Hire/Rehire IAP):

This form is filled out in order to request a new hire, or to extend an offer to an applicant. This is for applicants who have applied through the PeopleSoft Recruitment website.

Appointment Actions Request Form Instructions


Affiliate Credential Request Form:

This form is submitted by departments who request credentials for Affiliates and early access Faculty and staff

Affiliate Credential Request Form Instructions


Separation/Retirement Form:

This form is submitted in order to inactivate an employee’s appointment.

Separation/Retirement Form Instructions



UTEP Location Code:

This document will contain the location code information for each building on campus along with the address of each building. Location code will be replacing our current mail code system.


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